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Or just write it The readers then gradually get to know me in my newsletter and most of those who find me read dozens of articles at a time. People then realize that I have an idea of ​​what I am writing about. And my email courses such as my 10 day Squarespace Challenge are also quite popular because they go very deep into the subject. Some people just build their entire websites with it and then text me Cool thanks I just hit publish. And how do you sell your services and courses I regularly point out in my e mails when there is something new.

Self Esteem Reflect on Your Behavior

All my best writing offers and inputs go out to my mailing list. That means people know they have advantages if they re into it. I also have a waiting list for the 1 1 web design projects that get notifi first. Basically I m a huge fan of email marketing I m really super consistent in sending out new stuff via email and regularly get nice Kuwait Phone Number List replies. Almost everyone who knows me found me through my blog or through Facebook ads which I later includ. But then they just end up in my e mail list and that s where a large part of the inquiries go. After my services were well book at some point I pack my website system into my first online course Website with a plan and sold.

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Accept That Every Person is Unique

That s when I realiz I love live video And there are a lot of platforms for that I don t ne to do that via social mia. I host this via DV Leads ClickMeeting or Zoom where people aren t tempt to scroll away either. It s easier to showcase your content without the competition of cat videos. Laptop on the table next to a glass and a book That means Launching works with little or no social mia To be honest I ve never launch with social mia.

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