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Time sensitivity: is the data still relevant when I get it? Integration: Can I reliably connect my systems and infrastructure? Identity: Am I sure someone is the same person in every system? A technology that more and more brands are using to solve these challenges is the customer data platform (CDP). Globally, 78% of high-performing marketing executives now use some form of CDP. However, there are differences between technologies, and managers and brands should evaluate whether their preferr technologies meet these basic criteria. Data also helps you to better measure whether your efforts are meaningful and successful, so that you can further optimize them. 78% of marketing executives have chang or re-prioritiz KPIs due to the pandemic.

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This means that you not only ne a sound data management strategy and technology, but you also ne to focus on the right type of metrics for the current conditions. 2. Provide a connect customer experience and purchase experience It’s not easy to deliver an excellent experience in a landscape where your competitors are trying to Uganda WhatsApp Number List do exactly the same. Companies are therefore most likely to encounter challenges. Isolat systems and departments often lead to fragment customer experiences and digital customer journeys. Companies must do everything they can to prevent this. Even digital channels that were still label as emerging in recent years are already being us en masse. For example, chatbots are increasingly being us.

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These are suitable for answering standard questions, collecting information and assigning cases to the right employee. Nearly four in five service professionals say they saw an increase in the use of self-service tools like chatbots during the pandemic This accelerates transformation as it impacts business revenue around the DV Leads world. 68% of consumers (who buy from B2C brands) want to continue buying essential products online after the pandemic. 56% of organizations expect their revenue to come largely from digital channels within three years. This means that you should already be busy with online sales, otherwise you should start today.

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