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What you have to do: Start expanding your offerings that can be purchas digitally, regardless of your industry; Make sure the purchasing process and everything around it is mobile-friendly and streamlin (no fragmentation by department); As a brand, make sure you have the right infrastructure, technology and workflows in place, and ideally use something like AI in your back-end system to improve your back-end channel experience and efficiency. 3. The new digital command center requires good organisation Last year, as corona uncertainties were rampant, 69% of global employees said the pandemic would change the way work is done forever.

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It is now 2021, one year later, and marketing managers from 37 countries endorse this change. Only 44% say they expect to return to the office full-time, and 82% say their company is drafting new remote working policies. What does all this mean for a successful digital transformation ? If brands want to get anywhere near an excellent customer experience, they will have to look at themselves first. Lack of relevant training, poor ways to collaborate, employee turnover, corporate compartmentalization and lack of alignment kill a UK WhatsApp Number List brand’s digital transformation. Unfortunately, the current situation in the workplace worldwide shows that there is still a lot to improve. But 56% of all employees say they trust their employer to provide a safe and healthy workplace 69% of marketers still say collaboration is harder than before the pandemic But 44% of marketers rate the employee training receiv as excellent.

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While the trends above don’t really make anyone happier, they also make it clear where the solution lies for problems with trust, collaboration and training / upskilling. Confidence: As Anil Cheriyan, Strategy and Technology Executive Vice President at Cognizant, says, “…employees should be digital ambassadors…” and “…satisfi employees DV Leads means satisfi customers…” Cognizant gave two-thirds of employees in India a bonus during the pandemic to helping them through these difficult times and showing them that they are valu. Collaboration: 83% of high-performing marketing executives now say they use collaboration technologies Training/Reskilling: 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if they invest more in their training Salesforce can help managers deliver an integrat, contemporary customer experience and drive business growth.

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