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To better guide them in this, we are now focusing more specifically on various industries . And with success! I hear from customers that they find a listening ear in us and that we offer relevant advice through this approach. That makes me very proud of our employees. But this year we also paid a lot of attention to social projects, including through the Volunteering Time Off (VTO) options. We often focus on projects relat to sustainability, for example by keeping the oceans and waterways clean and planting trees. One of the annual initiatives in which many employees participate is the Maas Clean Up.

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This took place after the flood this year, making aid even more crucial than in other years. In addition, this year we took the initiative of the Salesforce & Friends Zonnego Food Forest : a local food forest that we realize with our partners and that contributes to the global ambition to plant and restore 1 trillion trees with But also the Bahrain WhatsApp Number List coffee break that was organiz for the Vicki Brownhuis and other individual initiatives show me that giving a warm heart to society is really in our genes. What does 2022 have in store? I look forward to the new year with great pleasure. We have grown enormously in recent times, because we offer real add value to our customers.

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In 2022 we will therefore continue to focus on increasing the connection and helping organizations get closer to their customers and employees. We are also continuing our industry-specific approach. However, as I look ahead to the digitization that Dutch companies will undergo, I would like to share two pieces of advice: For our DV Leads customers: if you are ready for a new step in your digital transformation , don’t just look for the quick wins. Make sure that digital initiatives touch all facets of your organization. You should think carefully about your primary objectives and what sets your company apart.

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