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Trend Business technology The role of business technology has also chang due to the pandemic. According to the Salesforce report, a whopping 71% of SMBs state that their business has surviv the pandemic thanks to digitization. Because this digitization makes more possible, customers also expect more. Thanks to the latest technology, companies can offer their customers a tailor-made experience. Companies can also collect more information about their customers when they use the latest technology. The fact that companies can use technology to meet customer expectations is one of the reasons technology is such an important business trend.

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Another reason is that technology provides a safe way of working in unsafe times. SME trends; business technology trends; current trends in SMEs; SME trends; Trend 4: The importance of digital Thanks to the pandemic, the role of technology is huge. No fewer than 79% of SMEs have start working more online in the past year. That’s an Argentina WhatsApp Number List impressive percentage. The main reason that companies have start working more online is that they can serve their customers in a safe way. Many companies use online tools to change their business operations. This applies to all departments: from sales and customer service to marketing, IT and HR. 43% of SMEs say they could not have surviv the pandemic with the technology of a decade ago.

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Growing companies are also those that have invest heavily in digitization in the past year. The choice to invest in digitization sav them. CRM systems are a good example of digitization. 59% of SMEs in the Netherlands use a CRM DV Leads system. SME trends; business technology trends; current trends in SMEs; SME trends; Trends that last The pandemic has made companies more flexible. It has given them a push in the direction of working digitally. It is not expect that these trends will change. We may never go back to the old normal again.

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