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The companies that manag to adapt grew again . Companies that were less able to adapt to the business trends of 2021 stagnat faster in their growth. In this blog we take a closer look at these trends. SME trends; business technology trends; current trends in SMEs; SME trends; Current trends in business Trend 1: flexible working The pandemic has caus many people in SMEs to adopt flexible working practices . In some companies, employees even had to go on leave. At first, flexible working seem to be only temporary.

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Yet in 2021 it soon became apparent that the way of working has chang permanently. People no longer work the way they did before the pandemic. Employees who were temporarily out of work or requir to work flexibly in 2020 return to their original number of hours. However, their workplace was different than before. More than Algeria WhatsApp Number List ever, people work (partly) at home. In the Netherlands, no less than 45% of SME employees expect to work hybrid or fully remote in the long term. Not only the way of working, but also the way of communicating within companies has chang enormously. In addition, the pandemic has also caus companies to look differently at the health and well-being of their customers and employees.

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Trend 2customers with high expectations It is a fact that the pandemic has brought about a major change in the business landscape. The outbreak of the coronavirus and all its consequences have caus customers to expect more from companies. Customers are demanding more than ever and are looking for a unique experience. This DV Leads requires companies to provide a personaliz customer experience . Customers also find it important that companies respond quickly to their questions. It has also become increasingly important for customers that companies offer innovative products or services. The companies that have experienc growth in 2021 are the companies that have respond to these customer expectations.

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