Build your digital roadmap

Without a roadmap, the risk of not knowing where to start and how to measure the results of your efforts can quickly demotivate you and your teams. A project that drags on, complicated decision-making, rising costs… this cocktail that can quickly kill your first initiatives in the bud and give food for thought to the project’s detractors. The best is to organize a workshop in agile mode  with useful people – a very pompous jargon to say working group. No need to be too numerous, nor to make the thing last too long, bring together all the interlocutors. Arm yourself with post-its and dissect the design of your action plan collectively.

Appoint a conductor

To coordinate and carry out digital projects (redesign of websites, integration of digital tools, content marketing, etc.), the project manager acts as a conductor. Whether it is you or a member of the team.

this conductor can be a non-specialist person, insofar as Algeria Phone Number List the versatility required is great.Them life habits (always related to your approach or their access to your products/services).  stay very factual. Indeed, it is for these personae that you build your digital action plan.

Describe each action

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For each action, create an associated project file that you will share and validate with all the stakeholders afterwards.The following elements must appear on this form.

Then open an Excel sheet or Trello board.

Note the different tasks to be carried out, the associated DV Leads deadlines and the people you imagine in charge of these tasks. Don’t hesitate to integrate color into your table to visualize progress and/or status.

For example, in orange (task to be , in purple (pending validation), in red (task blocked), in green (task complet).


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