Can I hide the preheader text in my emails?

In most cases you should not be worried that the text that you want to use as a preheader, or preview text, appears as part of your email. However, as you can see in the image, long text can take up valuable screen space . Hidden and shown preheader comparison Source: Campaign Monitor Of course, here it is obvious. Therefore, it might be interesting for us to hide the preheader text in emails . TRUE? The way to do it is simple. You simply have to enclose the text within a tag that says “hide” so that, although the client will read the text and use it as a preheader, it will not appear in the template.

Ideas to take advantage of the preheader text and increase the opening rate of emails

I propose one thing: I show you 5 ideas of how you can take advantage of the preheader text to increase the opening rate of your emails and you then leave me another one in the comments . OK? The craziest thing you can think of. And if not, then tell me what you think of Pelayo’s peeling or peeling Pelayo. As you see. OK? The thing is, comments category email list are my fuel and you know it . Come on, here are 5 ideas to take advantage of the preheader text and increase the Open Rate of your emails: Presentation of content . You can use a simple sentence that summarizes what is in the email. Type “Selection of TOP products at 20% discount”.

Should we open a debate or what?

Ready Evaristo! We have already reached the end. Okay, it wasn’t a post of less than 1,000 words, but I hope you understand, I’m untrained. And notice, I would never have thought that something that seems so obvious and simple could give so many words… but here we are . Anyway. Now, according to DV Leads our deal and contract, it’s your turn: What did you think? Had you noticed this detail of the preheader text? Did that happen to you that you knew it was there but you hadn’t taken it seriously? Any suggestions on how to take advantage of it to increase the Open Rate? Are you joining my “Let’s give John Nieve a shit and see if he wakes up” club? Come on, please, participate! ( The porfi thing is true, in a supplication plan and if that stops according to above and after )..

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