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The click through rate in your emails has improv by 0.34 over the last 12 months even though the open rate has fallen by 0.43 . Exciting. But well nothing helps. Now it s really the turn of the pitch Who could you write to Speaking of writing how are your book selling on Amazon Check it out quickly And while you re at it you can also check whether your book has receiv new reviews. Should you also create an Excel spreadsheet for the sales Pffft. What a question Procrastination Type 7 Procrastilearning It s a done deal You want to launch an online course Yay First find a suitable online course how to launch an online course.

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Here How to launch an online course in three months Perfect Exactly what you ne. Bought You spend the next few weeks setting the topic for your online course creating the lessons shooting video Argh videos. Somehow they could be even better Find a suitable online course quickly. Here “How to make professional videos for your Israel Phone Number List online course. The 4 month program Yes shut up and take my money For the next 4 months you ll get into video iting and OMG this is so much fun you re considering offering it as a service. First find a suitable online course for professional reorientation.

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Is it call website or website Or maybe a homepage. May 9th Website website or homepage Where s the difference. Or do these terms all mean the same thing In this blog article I let the grammar nerd hang out the German studies must have been good for something  and explain to you what site website webpage and home DV Leads page mean. And what to say to your web designer the next time you ne help.  What is a website According to Duden a website is “the entirety of. The pages behind an address on the World Wide Web”. Say If you enter the address and end up here.

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