With the Twenty Fifth Rerun of Friends

Have to take them into account in your content plan… Weeks and months go by as you continue to devote yourself to crafting your perfect itorial plan and color labeling cards in Trello—without ever putting anything of your plan into action. Procrastination Type 5 Procrastiposting You know you should write a newsletter and tell them about your offer. But first you want to say good morning to your followers on Instagram. So you shoot a story and tell what you re going to do today. And while you re at it you look at the other stories and whoops.

Playing in the Background and Wondering

Why is it suddenly eleven o clock in the morning But now it s really the turn of the newsletter You write twelve words delete eight Hungary Phone Number List of them and then the push notification on your smartphone reminds you that a plann Instapost has to be approv. Then you just do it quickly. And while you re waiting for the first comments and likes you remember that you still have to plan the postings for the next week. This is definitely the priority now. So hurry hurry to Canva and design some stylish infographics for your fe. It s now 3 p.m. and you have to pick up your child from daycare.

Phone Number List

You Re the Most Boring Loser

Man now the newsletter has come to nothing again. sosad Procrastination Type 6 Prokrastichecking and Prokrastitracking Your most important to do today is to pitch your topic for a podcast so that more people finally become aware DV Leads of you. But first check where your house is on Google Maps. Ah yes so that s what it looks like. Fascinating. Ah and quickly the mails Hach why have so few people repli to your last newsletter Hmmm. Analyze the opening and click rates in the newsletter tool right away And while you re at it you can also enter the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet including the numbers for the last 12 months.

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