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Build a single source of truth An important tip for marketers is to collect all customer data in a central place and make it accessible to everyone in the organization. Think of website behavior, purchase data, external data and interaction data from your email, app or the store. This way you realize a single source of truth so that every employee can act in real time thanks to the most complete possible customer picture. Of course this must be a safe place and you respect the permission that the customer gives for the use of data. 3. Personalize from the very first contact Make sure you give customers the most personal experience possible from the very first contact.

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After all you can no longer track customers who have visit your website with cookies. You can achieve personalization by, for example, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) bas on the customer’s location, time spent on a page and behavior. Every interaction says something about the nes of the customer, so make sure you respond optimally France Phone Number List to this. 4. Invest in other marketing resources Traditional online marketing tools such as retargeting and brand awareness programs become less effective with the disappearance of cookies, so that you can better invest marketing budgets in new advertising campaigns . As an online marketer, you now ne to be more accurate and agile than ever before.

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For example, spend retargeting budgets in mia partners where you know your customers can often be found or who have a similar target group. Or invest in referral and influencer marketing and then evaluate the impact this DV Leads has. 5. Advertise with known identifiers The fact that Google stops using so-call user identifiers does not mean that you should do the same. If you have permission from a customer to use personal data if it adds value to them, use that data in your marketing campaigns as well.

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