Consumer Confidence: Complete Discussion + 3 Key Indicators

Customer trust in the business product that you are running is an extraordinary achievement in doing business. You need to do this because it has a direct impact on selling business products.

Trust or trust from customers is very beneficial for your business, where they will make purchases repeatedly, even in the long term.

Thus, you need to do a research on what are the factors that cause consumer trust in the business and products that you offer them.

What is Consumer Trust?

There is the term Customer Trust or consumer Australia Mobile Number List trust from several sources that you can understand. One of them according to Sumarwan (2011) explains as follows:

“Consumer trust is consumer knowledge regarding the trust in a product that has various attributes and the benefits of these various attributes.”

If consumers already have a sense of trust in the products you offer, then it will make it easier for you to market your products to them.

This will also be able to maintain customer loyalty

to your product, so you also need to pay attention to how product quality is to increase consumer satisfaction.

A consumer confidence in the product appears due to several factors. Next, let’s discuss these factors!

Factors Affecting Consumer Confidence

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1. Experience in doing business

Experience is a valuable thing because it can make a businessman understand more about market conditions and the needs of customers.

With experience in the business world, you can make the DV Leads business that is being run even better. Of course, you are able to improve in the field of marketing and make achievements in the business world. This is also in line with your flying hours in running a business.


2. Having Good Quality of Work

Quality of work is a process and work result from the business that you run which can be directly assessed by the public, especially your customers. Quality of work is also able to increase the level of customer confidence in the product because they are sure of what they will get later.


3. Intelligence 

Intelligence is a businessman’s ability to solve a problem that occurs in business. Intelligence in a businessman is able to build high credibility in business.

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