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In addition, as a business manager, the GDPR requires you to protect the personal data of your customers . It is now your legal responsibility to properly protect your access and data! Indeed, with this new law, your customers can turn against you in the event of hacking. Be careful when giving access to all tools that store personal data of your customers or prospects. MailChimp is my favorite emailing and newsletter tool. He automatically sends my newsletter every Friday with 3 quality articles on Digital Marketing .

Share access to your MailChimp account

Objective : to help you generate more visitors to your company’s website! As with all tools, it is possible to allocate rights to your users in MailChimp . To work as a team for example, or to involve specialized Bolivia Phone Number List experts on an ad hoc basis on your account. As a reminder, the MailChimp interface is offered in English… The different access levels are as follows: Viewer  : A “viewer” access consults the reports on your emailing campaigns. No risk except as always if your data is confidential.

 Author  : “Author” access creates and modifies your emailing campaigns without being able to send them. No significant risk here. Manager  : A “Manager” can do almost everything in MailChimp except manage users and billing and payment. Admin  : An administrator is a Manager with in addition all the “financial” aspects: paying, changing the means of payment, recovering invoices…

Finally, the most important: properly protect access to your CRM

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Your customer relationship management (CRM) is the centerpiece of your business efforts. A business without customers is no longer a business. It’s at best a charity effort or an association… At audreytips, we have chosen the HubSpot CRM and are particularly satisfied with it! Do you suspect what’s next? How to properly share access to your CRM to protect your customer data. Here are the access levels offered by HubSpot: Basic access  : This fine management of authorizations is done feature by feature. For example, create basic access then give access to specific features such as: display certain data, mass delete data, import and export data in HubSpot.

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