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Technology-bas training and assessment solutions became as important as a result. Four ways IT can improve employee training 1. Settle in If new hires can be onboard through technology in a consistent way, their manager doesn’t have to keep repeating the same information over and over again. He or she can then focus on building the relationship. To do this, we use our New Hire Wizard , which combines MuleSoft, the Salesforce platform and Marketing Cloud to expose data in silos and provide HR with a 360-degree view of every employee . Because developers can reuse employee data, they save time on future projects. For example, we have seen that new HR projects take seven months less.

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Employees are also excit: our day 1 rating has risen to 4.6/5 since we launch the New Hire Wizard in 2019. Jo-ann Olsovsky, the CIO of Salesforce, says in our CIO roadmap : “During the onboarding process at Salesforce, employees Oman Phone Number List attend tailor training courses, but they also learn the company culture. As we hire thousands of new people every year, my team has mov to Marketing Cloud With our own marketing platform we have automat the onboarding process. We have develop a more personaliz, data-driven journey with emails, texts and push notifications so that new employees can quickly get start independently.

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A good internal relationship is essential for everyone’s success.” JO-ANN OLSOVSKY, CIO VAN SALESFORCE 2. Culture V2MOM – our vision, values, methods, obstacles, and metrics – has been a way of life at Salesforce since our very beginning. But how many organizations can really say that their core values ​​are put into DV Leads practice? Business Technology (as we can call IT, because this department supports every aspect of the business through technology) has develop the app V2MOM together with our Employee Success team . At every level (department and region) we can see exactly how we are all moving in the same direction.

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