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Can show how daily tasks fit in with our corporate vision. This kind of transparency and visibility is essential if we want to inform employees about. The value of their contributions and those of others. 3. Preparation of products Every year we release three new releases and prior to each release, employees throughout the organization must be on the same page. With Salesforce Concierge, employees can access new content in one central, mobile-friendly intranet app. Concierge uses the Salesforce platform and Heroku to combine self-service and help desk functions in one location. 4. Development of management It’s already difficult to get new hires up and running quickly, but 52% of employees recently told Gartner that they ne better upskilling.

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Ongoing employee development and training is made fun, accessible and interactive with Trailhead . Trailhead is design to simplify training so employees can develop in-demand skills anytime, anywhere. Employees can process information in small portions (units) via modules (trails). They can test their knowlge at the end of each Russia Phone Number List unit and earn points or badges along the way. We like to choose our own employees for promotions. We also know how important it is that our people managers have the skills and knowlge to train future leaders. Our people managers each complete the ‘Manage the Salesforce Way’ trail.

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For example, they have an advantage during job interviews and performance interviews and they learn, among other things, how to hire and promote people in an inclusive way, coach employees, provide feback and manage home workers. Fostering a culture of continuing ucation and innovation Our friends and colleagues at Business DV Leads Technology are vital to the success of employee training across the entire Salesforce team. Want to learn more about how technology can support your business goals? Then read our latest CIO playbook . A look into the future to get to know customers better IN MARKETING CLOUD , MARKETING , DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION A look into the future to get to know customers better Don’t want to miss anything.

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