Has Its Own Crm System

But how do you ensure that employees know what is happening in other departments and work together optimally? Your employees may need new skills or knowledge. My Trailhead can help with that. This is a central e-learning platform for your entire company. This way you work on the expertise and flexibility of your employees. A concrete example is the overlap between Customer Service, Marketing and Sales. You can teach customer service representatives more about Marketing and Sales, for example how to cross and upsell effectively. And employees who have been forced to stay at home due to the crisis could be retrained as customer service representatives.

That These Silos Have a Negative

Which departments do you need in an SME? The departments that every SME really needs are: Sales & marketing production Customer service Accounting & Finance Sales & marketing is indispensable for SMEs, because in the end everything revolves around generating sales . Tasks that fall under this department are: Maintenance Netherlands WhatsApp Number List of the website Online marketing PR Generating leads Manufacturing often includes customer service, shipping and order processing, and product development. Accounting & Finance deals with the financial side of the company, but IT and HR can also fall under this. How do you develop an organizational structure for the departments of your SME.

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Impact on the Quality

As an SME or start-up, you may not be able to set up the same functions and departments as large companies. But what you can do is work out an organizational structure and clearly define all functions. As an SME it is important to focus on the customer . So make sure you have at least the Sales & marketing, Production and DV Leads Accounting & Finance departments. Then see which functions fall under this and which you need for your company. For example, for Sales & Marketing you could appoint someone or a small team that focuses on bringing in leads. For the Production department, a Product Development team and a Customer Service team are very useful.

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