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In other companies, one of the departments has been replac by a Customer Service department. Especially larger companies or service-orient companies often have a separate Customer Service department. This department is always closely link to the Sales and Marketing departments, and if there is a separate IT department, also to IT . Because, as mention earlier, marketing is becoming increasingly automat. What structure do most companies have? There are 6 known organizational structures : The functional structure The product or service structure The geographic structure The matrix structure Project teams The hybrid structure But which structure do we see most within SMEs? This question is easy to answer: the functional structure.

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In this structure, the departments are clearly separat from each other. The advantage of this is the clarity: you immiately know which department to contact with a specific question. The disadvantage is the previously mention compartmentalization: tunnel vision can arise. Employees focus exclusively on their specific task without Nepal WhatsApp Number List an eye for the bigger picture. Collaboration between the different departments is often a challenge in companies with this structure. What is the best organizational structure for an SME? The functional structure therefore has advantages, but it is important to prevent compartmentalisation. There is nothing wrong with keeping the departments separate from each other, but it is important that you exchange and merge data with each other.

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If you know what other departments are doing, you can better support them. And you can only get a 360-degree overview of the customer if you combine customer data from all departments. This is also a clear trend that we see in DV Leads companies: in the past most companies focus on internal processes, but nowadays customer service is central for all departments. This is not only pleasant for the company, but also benefits the customer. As a customer, it is nice to only have to tell your story once and then to be help immiately. If everyone immiately has all the data of a certain customer in front of them, you can get this done.

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