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When you are clear about the benefits and understand what motivates your team, you ensure that others support you and are involv. Internally, for example, you can inform people during a ‘learning lunch’ or via communication channels at department and management level. Externally, you ensure that customers and partners know exactly where to find the necessary links to access an automat process (for example, via a self-service or partner portal). 3. Measure the results of your automat workflow Once the automat workflow is deploy at scale, collect as much metrics about it as possible. An important metric here is the average time requir to complete the automat process.

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It’s also helpful to understand the effect of the automat process on your customer service response time, resolution time, cost, and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) . Next, take a look at the usage statistics. What percentage of process stakeholders use the automat workflow? Also measure how often the automat workflow has Oman WhatsApp Number List been deploy in the past day, week and month. Does it sometimes happen that the automat process is start but not complet? Do errors occur? How many? “ Don’t forget, the customer always comes first” Finally, if a new action has been automat, such as a specific self-service task, it is wise to measure the results of that as well.

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For example, compare how many product registrations customers perform themselves versus how many are still handl by service employees. And it may also be possible to measure whether this has increas employee satisfaction and DV Leads productivity. In fact, it’s smart to look at all the metrics that help you determine which processes were good automation candidates (and form the foundation of your automation process ). Be sure to capture the new metrics after you apply the automation. 4. Evaluate the data Compare the metrics for your automation with the original metrics that l you to decide to automate this specific process. For example, if you want to improve return cycle time, compare this metric before and after automation.

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