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But how do you know if your automation is working properly? And what can you do if not? With the following five steps you ensure that the process automation of your customer service pays off: 1. Test your automat workflow Before you implement the automation throughout the company, check whether everything is working according to plan and whether the people who actually have to work with it benefit from it. Test the workflow with a small group of people who typically contribute to the service process. For example , if your automat workflow includes steps that require feback from middle and back office employees, make sure you include them in the test as well.

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Ask for feback on the experience, both from employees who have been working with the original process for a long time and from newcomers who have not been in their current role for very long. Finally, don’t forget to document and quantify the process improvements resulting from the test, including the improvements in cycle Norway WhatsApp Number List time, cost and experience. 2. Get others to embrace the automation process If the test results are positive, make the workflow automation available to anyone who can benefit from it. Employees must actually use the workflow at scale before the service organization can take full advantage of it. Ensure users are aware of workflow automation and understand how the process works.

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This applies to both internal stakeholders (employees in the front, middle and back office) and external stakeholders such as partners and customers. “ As we leverage automation to enable the best possible customer experience, evaluation DV Leads becomes increasingly critical.” ALVIN STOKES, CHIEF CUSTOMER CONTACT OFFICER, SMILIRECTCLUB Tell about the specific improvements that the test show. For example, if automation ruces the cycle time of a process from 30 minutes to just 7 minutes, let people know. So are things like enhanc cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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