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I think each of us knows these situations from everyday business life. And there are probably a few more situations. What is the unifying element of all these experiences You lack the courage to do many things . You ne courage to ruce your online times to make it clear to customers that you are not always available to decide on one or the other marketing offer or to structure your day courage to shorten the To do list . And for that courage you ne self confidence . Resilience has a lot to do with self confidence. I have to know my strengths well so that I know what to build on.

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How can entrepreneurs promote and train their resilience Or is the ability to resilience innate The central message on this question resilience can be learn . There are people who by nature tend to believe in the positive or who don t let themselves be beaten down so easily. They might learn faster. But basically resilience Pakistan Phone Number List is a skill that anyone can acquire and train. Good self awareness is an important prerequisite for training success . For me this is the start of training. I first have to feel observe and recognize exactly what s going on with me so that I can take the next step. This is where the much cit mindfulness comes into play.

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I can listen to how I m doing. Where do I feel unrest tension Impatience Doubt All of these are signals that should prompt me to change something and thereby bring more satisfaction into my life. I myself am not as far as you Alex that DV Leads I said goodbye to FB and co. That s why I know only too well that too much social mia makes your head spin. Thoughts are jumbl. The many to dos want to be consider. Quick tip to get out of this merry go round of thoughts Concentrate on what is here and now What are you doing right now.

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