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Effective website design, a great user experience and a streamlin checkout process are all essential for success around the holiday season. According to marketing expert Neil Patel, average order value increases by 30% around the holiday season and conversion rates increase by as much as 60%. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider if you want to increase conversion rates during peak season: Are there any problem points in your payment process? Review your analytics to determine where you are losing customers. Consider simplifying forms and order fields where possible, enabling no-registration buying, and adding payment options.

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Can you optimize product presentation and recommendations to increase order value? Keep customer items in their shopping carts in case they leave your site. Many customers use the shopping cart to save items for later, so this is an easy way to improve the site experience. Do you create a sense of urgency with your posts? Proactive Brazil WhatsApp Number List communication is crucial. You can increase conversion rates by adding popularity info (“Four other customers are viewing this item”), showing stock levels (“Only three left!”), and encouraging customers to order a little more (“Buy for $5 more”). more and shipping is free!”). To really maximize effectiveness in these areas and best prepare for the holiday season, you can use tools to test your conversion rate optimization, such as A/B testing, heatmaps, and click and visitor tracking.

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Devise retention strategies for post-holiday success What about all the visitors who abandon their shopping cart around the holiday season? For future success, it is crucial to reach them again and keep them as customers. Every DV Leads abandon cart is an opportunity — especially when you consider that the conversion rate for abandon cart emails was 18.64% over the past year . Without a strategy for this valuable segment of your visitors, you will miss out on a large part of your sales after the holidays.

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