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When setting your goals, have you consider the pressures on the global supply chain and the ripple effects on delivery times, logistics, and price increases? Contingency planning doesn’t just help in the preparation phase of holiday campaigns. Each plan should contain clear objectives and measures of success – also under the specific circumstances. Consider measuring how well and quickly your teams can adapt. Set a baseline goal and an objective for physical stores if they are impact by restrictions, such as temporary closures or sales with minimal occupancy.

Wants to Drag Your Brand Through

No matter what happens this holiday season, two major KPIs (key performance indicators) are likely to dominate post-holiday performance metrics : traffic and conversion. However, your commerce staff knows that each KPI relates to hundrs of behind-the-scenes actions to drive e-commerce success. Here are a few things Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List to keep in mind when measuring traffic and conversion: 2. View traffic from every angle When you measure traffic, you start with a holistic view of your entire strategy to determine if you’re keeping the right rhythm with your messaging, promotions, launches, and email campaigns. Keep this in mind when measuring website visits (unique and total number) and traffic from social mia, affiliate channels, and other sources such as email campaigns.

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The Mud Don’t Go Into It Instead

When you have these traffic numbers in front of you, you ne to look at the source of the traffic. Decide if it’s organic, direct, paid, or stems from a specific campaign. Since email campaigns are the holy grail of holiday website traffic, their performance nes to be measur early and often. If you’re not on track to meet your traffic goals, you can DV Leads run promotions with higher discounts. One study found that 64% of consumers are more likely to open emails around the holidays and a majority (84%) say they prefer content over discounts. 3. Conversion involves multiple factors – consider them all It’s crucial to review all operational aspects before the holidays so that your digital store is ready for the rush.

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