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Envelope with business card artwork Website product design journal freebie newsletter mini course – in the three months Mastermind you have got so many things off the ground. How do you organize your everyday life with independence and a small child I don t really organize my everyday life with children but it probably happens unconsciously. As a self employ mom you think there s a secret formula that you can use to reconcile everything. A deceptive expectation that is also cultivat in social mia. During the Mastermind the adjustment to kindergarten had just start so I spent most of the day looking after the children and work in the evenings or during naps.

Have Time on That Day Two One

For example my color palette freebie was creat in three evenings. But that was an exceptional situation and only work for a short period of time. But sometimes I was too exhaust to do anything else. In the meantime it has “normaliz” and I start work after breakfast. Then I have time to work until the afternoon and treat myself to Canada Business Email List a long lunch break on the balcony or watch a series. When I pick my child up from kindergarten in the afternoon it s really over and we go to the playground or have an ice cream for example.

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How do you manage to be careful with your resources in all your projects and not fall into a constant hustle At the beginning DV Leads of the mastermind I was so empty and exhaust. At that time I had given up trying to “revive” my business alongside childcare a few weeks ago. Something unforeseen kept thwarting my plans. That took a lot of energy. You realize that my energy level is an important issue. In any case I was convinc that I now have to build something which it will be for a while.

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