Well Enough Incidentally Already

Because I wouldn t have had the strength to start all over again any time soon. I gave everything for that during the Mastermind . And now I have what I want A basis for my business that feels right and coherent. I no longer have any reason to panic and feel driven. Now it s about feeling good and being able to hold out in the long term . For example I recently wrote and set up the sales page for my Color your Biz mini course . That completely drain my energy. In the past I would have just kept going in that condition.

The Joint Mastermind Calls

I now see this point. And I know that if I continue now it will not only cost me energy. But also at the expense of my health and my zest for life. But what am I doing to myself And how can I have quality time with my family when I m totally UK Business Email List overwrought and us up At this point when I have nothing more to give I m now thinking what can I do for myself For me it can be a book or a walk. But it also helps me to switch to a different “type” of work task If I feel exhaust by organizational activities then it helps me to switch to a creative one. Or if I m doing a project sprint like for my mini course I ll switch to a leisurely task like blog posting.

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There is Also a One on One Conversation

You have now also book the mastermind for another round. What role has the mastermind play for you in the last three months DV Leads A vital one for my business I fail because of the different approaches of the courses. I didn t know what else I should have done differently. During the mastermind I got to know completely different approaches to approaching my business I don t have to do anything just because it should be done that way. I can attract customers even without social mia. Mindfulness in business is not a weakness.

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