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My everyday life chang so much that I didn’t even have time to answer the comments on my blog. But I found a way. Or rather, several ways to write at least 500 words a day. Why 500 Words This word count is neither too many nor too few. It is realistically easy to achieve but not too puny. Calculate words a year. A non-thin novel is around 60,000 words. So theoretically you could write three novels a year. Or 182 blog posts with around 1,000 words.

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That sounds like a lot or it is. And in the long term, regularity decides between victory and defeat. A professional writer is a hobbyist who hasn’t stopp writing.” Here are my tricks on how to write around 500 words a day 1. Writing is a job Writing is a very romantic thing to start with. You fall in love with the process of the words slipping Denmark Business Email List and it’s like a first date. You’re in love and everything runs by itself. But like in a relationship, this infatuation fades again and suddenly you’re sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper and tomorrow the new blog post has to comeYou read the other blogs the competitors the market leaders and it seems to you that their week has nine days.

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Her days seem to last 40 hours and yours only six. How do the other bloggers manage tBut are you also a true authority If there s a big question mark hanging over your head now then you felt the same way I did back then. The basic idea DV Leads is so simple and banal One trusts an authority blindly. You feel safe with her and you can feel her passion in every fiber. There is a small but subtle difference between a professional and an authority. Becoming the latter is your goal. Here we tell you how to do it. In this episode.

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