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However these latter spaces require constant activity. How to best use Facebook groups to boost your visibility? The answer in this article ! Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has proven to be useful not only for personal purposes, but also for professional purposes. It’s hard to create a marketing campaign today without including Facebook. There are two ways businesses can use Facebook to promote their business. On the one hand, you can create a page that will allow you to use advertising tools and to ferate a community of fans . On the other hand, you can create a Facebook group that focuses more on your business expertise and monitoring.

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What is a Facebook group? A Facebook group is a community that comes together around a common topic or ideas. This can be a passion like “modern dance” for example or “lovers of the Tome de Savoie”. A Facebook group can Czechia Business Email List also revolve around belonging to a brand or a company. Another example of interest for the creation of a group is the organizational management of a major event. They facilitate communication between the different members who participate. A group is a bit like a forum. It is a way to exchange between members, but is not intend to facilitate communication between a company and its customers for example, or between an actor and his fans.

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It is therefore horizontal communication that is privileg with Facebook groups. A group can be either private or public. As for the DV Leads private group, this allows you to have a form of control over the people who are members. Administrators are then appoint and it is they, most of the time through a short questionnaire, who decide whether or not you can enter the clos circle of the group. In the case of an open group, all you have to do is register.

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