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A Day In The Life van Raven Homogender I got to know Salesforce during my master’s degree in Digital Business in Madrid. Salesforce emerg not only as a CRM tool , but also as one of the Best Places to Work . After attending a guest lecture by a Salesforce account manager about Marketing Cloud, my interest was really piqu. I found a traineeship (FutureForce) as an Analyst in Ireland, for which I mov to Dublin. I immiately notic that the atmosphere is more open and pleasant than what I was us to from other companies I had come into contact with during my student days.

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What I also find special: during my application procure I was interview by contemporaries who had also start as trainees. Now I also interview trainees in my current position as Strategy & Operations Business Partner for Belgium and Luxembourg. This is only a small part of my work. What all I do? I’ll take you through my day. Get start with Belize WhatsApp Number List forecasting I feel like every day is different at Salesforce and that makes the work very dynamic. This morning I will start with forecasting, looking at the performance within the teams. For example, I check which teams are going to achieve their targets and where I might be able to jump in. I do this by using Sales Cloud , in which my team and I build dashboards. This contains all deals that are made in one overview.

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We discuss all deals weekly with the leadership team so that everyone knows what our performance is and how we can improve it. In addition, we are working on integrating our reports and dashboards with Slack, so that everyone is DV Leads automatically inform in Slack of any deal changes or action points. One of my goals is to grow sales of Salesforce in Belgium and Luxembourg. Sometimes I go to Belgium for this, where I discuss plans and market strategies one-on-one with the Belgian country leader, Lien Ceulemans.

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