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Also look at how we can improve the various teams by looking at their performance and their role. When the regulations allow it, I go by train from Amsterdam to Brussels so that I can be at the Belgian office in the early afternoon. Consultation with the Belgian country lead Because Salesforce is growing so fast, all the different parts within Salesforce must also grow flexibly. This afternoon I have meetings plann to see what the different teams will look like next year. Together with the team, I look at questions such as: who will lead this team? Or: which markets in Belgium and Luxembourg do we want to break open.

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To make these decisions, we make extensive use of customer and performance data that we collect and further adjust with Tableau (CRM) . This way we see how many customers we have in certain industries or market segments and we provide insight into our market share. This business intelligence and data visualization tool helps me Benin WhatsApp Number List to prepare advice for the country leader. During my stay in Belgium, I therefore always have personal consultations with Lien to explain these insights. I really enjoy working with senior leadership. I get energy from being part of the team and being involv in the decision-making process. A relax end to the day During dinner I discuss the next day with Lien.

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Growing a business quickly can be very difficult. When we can include leadership in the change process, I really like that this can be done face-to-face. I will stay in Brussels a little longer, combining my daily work with the team DV Leads discussions. The fact that I sometimes work long days is no problem for me. The energy I get from all the experience around me and the impact I can make gives me great satisfaction When I’m in the Netherlands, I often relax in the evening by eating something with friends or playing tennis.

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