Customers Are Working From Home

This allows employees to focus on more interesting, challenging work that requires creativity and personal input. Teams in a variety of industries and functions are turning to automation to regain time. From shipping packages to digitizing timesheets, automat workflows improve performance. And the savings are huge. Technical and IT managers report that they save time and costs thanks to automat workflows No one can fully prict what the future holds, but many companies are increasingly prioritizing digital . That is why it remains important that business processes are align with technology. See how Picnic, HEMA and PostNL improve their employee experience At Salesforce Live: Benelux, the three CXOs from Picnic, HEMA and PostNL

Were Not Built in a Day

Talk about how they dealt with sudden changes in customer demand. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the strategies they are using in 2021 for sales, service and customer contact . Read the blog how they improv the employee Greece Phone Number List experience and how they can offer a good customer experience with a 360-degree overview, customer feback and friendly gestures. 11/08/2021 BY EMILIE MUSABYIMANA ISHIMWE An award-winning digital transformation: NIBC IN TRAILBLAZER STORY , FINANCIAL SERVICES CLOUD , DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION An award-winning digital transformation: NIBC Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! At Salesforce Live.

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It is Realistic to Start With a Few

Benelux 2021, we honor some of the pioneering digital leaders in the region at our first-ever customer awards. In this blog, we look at how NIBC , winner in the accelerat digitization category, roll out Financial Services Cloud on time and stay within budget. Increasing agility with digital transformation NIBC is a bank that serves DV Leads more. Than 400,000 customers (retail customers and mid-market companies) and celebrat its 75th anniversary in 2020. NIBC has offices in The Hague, Frankfurt, London and Brussels and its 720 employees put the customer first in all their tasks. The retail arm of the bank has been using Salesforce since 2017 to achieve this focus on the customer.

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