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We found that visual content, interviews and graphic information are an increasingly fundamental part of capturing the interest of our customers. That’s how we got to the beginning of the pandemic with our Leading Through Change series . In this we let executives speak about the biggest challenges for managers. The idea was to learn from each other in these challenging times. Creative online events with custom content At the same time, the pandemic continu. We realiz that networking events, business dinners and meetings at the office would not be in it for the time being.

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We ask ourselves: how do you create the personal interaction you have during a physical meeting in an online environment? We became increasingly creative and adapt our working method to the interaction nes of our customers at that time. For example, we organiz a hybrid event from a star restaurant, where the host and speakers Turkey WhatsApp Number List were in the restaurant and the participants receiv an ingrient package at home and receiv a cooking workshop from the chef. Another example was a virtual wine tasting. The great thing about these sessions is that we still offer relevant content with good speakers, but at the same time create that executive feeling.

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Mean for the Customer Journey

A very personal bond suddenly arises, because you connect in a different way. For example, customers took their partner or children along in a number of sessions. In terms of content, we’ve made some changes from before the DV Leads pandemic. For example, we made topics that are more in line with the current situation, such as sessions on resilient leadership, customer and employee engagement. In addition, there must be sufficient room for interaction, because customers want to tell their story and learn from others. At the same time, people cannot concentrate very well online, which is why we absolutely do not make events longer than hours.

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