How to Advertise on Shopee and 5 Interesting Tips

How do I place an ad on Shopee? For those of you who are just starting to open an online store at Shopee, maybe you want to find out the answer.

Advertising on Shopee can be very profitable. Because, later your product or store can be easier for people to find. That way, your product sales can increase.

Placing an ad on Shopee is actually fairly easy, as long as you know the steps for doing it.

Quoting from the Shopee site page, here are the procedures for placing ads on Shopee along with an explanation for each step.

How to Advertise on Shopee


Login ke Seller Center

The first step in how to place an ad on Shopee is to Angola Email List first open the Shopee application or website on your cellphone or computer. Then, login to Seller Center.

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Click Shopee Ads

Then, once logged in, select or click ‘Shopee Ads’ to start installing ads.

Cik   Create New Ad’

After entering the Shopee ad menu, then look for the ‘+ Create New Ad’ button and click the button.

Select Ad Type

Later, there will be a choice between ‘Like Product Ads’ and ‘Search Ads’. Select ‘Search Ads to create ads based on product searches (search results).

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Select the Promotion Type

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If you have chosen the ad type, the next step is to choose the type of promotion. You can select a product promotion type to create ads based on product searches.


6. Determine Capital and Period

The next step is to choose how much DV Leads capital you will use and determine the advertising period.

The meaning of capital here is the maximum fee you have to pay. If the capital is used up, all your ads will stop showing automatically.

Following are some provisions regarding capital and period:

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