In addition, these connection points with your followers

In addition, these connection points with your followers will be very useful to help you create relevant content. Because it may happen that your followers start asking about a certain subject frequently. Seeing this, you can create a Content Agenda based on this topic and the questions you received. Create relevant content On the Internet we almost always hear that we need to create “relevant content” for our audience. But what is this relevant content that everyone talks about? Relevant content is content that is complete and differentiated from others, which helps the user to resolve their main doubts.

If you don’t know what to create

That your content has a beautiful and eye-catching design, so that people stop and see what you have to show. For this, you can create your Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists content in different ways, such as: a still image Image/Video Carousel Video reels You choose the best way to present your content. If you don’t know what to create or are out of ideas to create new posts. Seek to better understand your audience, a tip is to take polls in Stories to be able to identify your followers’ main questions and what they want to consume. It is also worth analyzing what competitors are publishing and what has worked to get new inspirations.


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That’s why I reserved this topic

And, always remember: do your best to create content that is relevant to your audience. Make stories and reels There are people who want to learn “how to sell on Instagram as an Affiliate”, and others who want “how to sell on Instagram as an DV Leads  Affiliate without showing up”. That’s why I reserved this topic to talk a little about the Videos. What exactly is IGTV, Feed and Stories? In a simple and direct way…. IGTV is a video-only part of Instagram, similar to YouTube. Feed is the main part of your Instagram, where your publications are located. Stories, on the other hand, are temporary 15-second publications, which are available for 24 hours after being published, and can be accessed by clicking on the user’s profile picture. Reels are short videos, which can last up to 60 seconds.

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