Reviews provide insight into your service quality

We thus have all the information to make a well-considered decision in order to choose who to trust for our legal needs. Other research shows that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from personal contacts   This is why, as a lawyer, you must recognize the inevitability of this trend and seize it as an opportunity. It is also important to recognize that every attorney, even the best, most caring, empathetic and exceptional, may one day receive a negative review. Fearing negative reviews can lead to paralysis and an inability to adapt to this significant change.

Law is an uncertain business

dealing with stressful issues where success often means Saudi Arabia Phone Number List getting the least bad result possible. And customers, being human, sometimes struggle with unreasonable expectations. Over time and given sufficient review volume, the overall tenor of a practice’s reviews should paint an accurate picture.

How to manage your online reputation

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It’s quite simple. There are 3 main tactics that law firms should use to stay ahead of this trend and effectively manage their online reputation. 1. Make a habit of asking for reviews The most seasoned lawyers know that the surest way to protect themselves from a negative opinion is to do everything DV Leads  to receive numerous comments from their clients on a regular basis. So get into the habit of asking for feedback from them. Do you find it strange to ask for an opinion? Why not include it in your file closing procedure or on your bill of fees… Afraid that only disgruntled people want to blow off steam in online reviews? Quite the opposite: happy customers are more likely to leave reviews. This is all the more true if the service rendered is expensive or stressful, which is the case for any legal service. 2. Build a “content wall”

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