Is a high bounce rate penalizing

And since Google is always trying to satisfy its Internet users, it will say to itself “maybe this page should not rank so well in my results”. You now understand the importance of properly mastering the notion of “rebound”! Clearly, this indicates whether your Content Marketing actions are effective and whether your visitors are interacting correctly with your content. Hence the challenge of fully understanding your “target” customers and then knowing how to correctly analyze your bounce rate. Ultimately, a “good” bounce rate is different for every website. It can even be different for each page of your site.

Write content with your target audience in mind

regularly follow the trend of your bounce rate and see how you can reduce it for your conversion pages.

This indicator should help you identify the weaknesses of your website, without setting a percentage to achieve. Warning : a very low bounce rate often means that you have inserted the Google Analytics tracking cod

If you feel the need to reduce your bounce rate and to save you time, here are 7 actions to take to retain Internet users on your site. If you generate Pakistan Phone Number List a large volume of traffic but with a high bounce rate, it means that your visitors are not interested in your content.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your content isn’t of good quality, just that you’re targeting the wrong people.

Make sure you understand your target audience

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Publishing content on all these topics ensures that you attract the right people, those who will be your future customers.

To properly formalize the expectations of your target customers, use our persona models . e several times in your pages. Make sure you have installed Google Analytics o

Cornerstone articles are the pillar articles of your website .

They combine the main topics DV Leads  from different posts on your blog.

This is the name that yoast  has chosen to identify important content, the ones you want all your target visitors to consult, as Lycia Diaz points out  on La Webeuse .

To choose your “cornerstone” content, identify 5 or 6 articles that you want your visitors to read when they arrive on your site for the first time.

These are your best articles: the most important, the most complete… In short, those that you would like to see appear as a “sitelink” link .

In addition, make sure that your Cornerstone articles include the keywords on which you seek to be referenced in priority.

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