Bounce rate –  actions to easily reduce it

The bounce rate is an indicator that can be scary! In addition, Google Analytics collects a lot of data, which for most entrepreneurs is a bit confusing. And you don’t have the time every day to understand and then analyze data from all the many dashboards on Google Analytics. Here is Laurent ‘s advice  on the bounce rate: Most entrepreneurs believe that a high bounce rate is a negative sign and a low bounce rate is a positive sign. In fact, this percentage can be misleading. It is better to follow its evolution and focus on the reasons that are driving your visitors away.

When you see this percentage on

Is your content on your company blog too difficult to understand Are they aimed at the right audience?  Is the design well suited, especially on mobile? In this article, learn how Philippines Phone Number List to measure your bounce rate. Then, I also share with you 7 quick ways to reduce your bounce rate. But first, let’s define bounce rate and why you should care.

On the other hand, I don’t think the bounce rate directly affects your ranking in the search engine results pages.

Indeed, search engines do not have the value of the bounce rate for sites that do not have a Google Analytics account.

How to know your bounce rate on Analytics

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Therefore, using the bounce rate value in the algorithms would not be fair.

Anyway, even if the algorithm does not directly take into account the bounce rate, its meaning is very important.

Indeed, if an Internet user arrives on a page of DV Leads your website and immediately presses the “back” button on his browser, Google will deduce that there is an inconsistency between the Internet user’s search intention and the content of your page.


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