Why is on-page SEO important?

This is one of the important things in search engine optimization, because Google prioritizes websites that provide a good user experience.

Google will regularly update its algorithm, generally in order to understand and maximize the user experience in search results.

Google also prioritizes user experience so Antarctica Email Lists it is important to pay attention when doing search engine optimization.

Pages that do on-page optimization help Google understand the content you create and help to rank it.

 Examples of SEO Friendly Article Keyword Placement

Meanwhile, Off-page SEO is optimization that is done from outside your website, for example, by creating a link to your site on another website that has credibility.

This is also tantamount to building relationships with readers and creating content that others want to share.

On Off-page SEO, you can place links that point to your website on other websites or voluntarily by other people. Several off-page SEO strategies that can be used include:

Building Branding

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Building branding what is meant here is that you can create social media, forums or other platforms with content that is relevant to the product or service you offer.

Then you enter a link on the platform that leads to the website that you manage.

Content Marketing

You can post related products or services on other people’s websites or social media. Then enter a link that leads to the managed site.

Using this tactic will help search engines understand your website and it can increase the authority, trust and relevance of your website.

After doing off page SEO, make sure you also do on page SEO, because both of them support each other and are interrelated with each other.

Why is Off-page SEO Important?


Off-page search engine optimization DV Leads to build your site’s domain authority.

If without off page SEO you will find it difficult to outperform websites with higher authority or older websites.

By having higher authority, websites tend to rank better on search engine results pages.

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