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FOMO What role do smartphones the internet and social mia play While the fear of missing something is certainly as old as mankind itself Oi there s a mammoth being dismember over there quickly before the saber tooth tiger comes the actual term FOMO is still relatively young. Patric James McGinnis first us it in his 2004 article for Harvard Business School Magazine. In it he was the first to describe a feeling that would become a typical syndrome in our digitiz everyday life FOMO and social mia No wonder that not only did the first iPhone appear in the same decade 2007 but also Facebook 2004 and Instagram 2010 were found.

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Because social mia is one thing above all for FOMO fuel in the fire. Suddenly we can get an insight into the lives of others through status updates pictures or videos at any time of the day or night . It doesn t matter where they live. And Costa Rica Phone Number List no matter who they are. Whether third cousin or Beyoncé. We can rejoice with our dearest friends. Check what our young children are up to. We can stalk our exes. See if our crush from elementary school is already bald. Or whether the nemesis from the 7th grade may have already been divorc. See how our great aunt is doing in Canada.

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And how successful or unsuccessful our colleagues are. FOMO and news consumption The news sites with their content updat every minute also arouse the desire to stay up to date . Instead of reading the newspaper once a day DV Leads or watching the news on TV in the evening we now check several times a day hourly every minute what s new in the world. First thing in the morning in b or at the very latest on the toilet we pick up our smartphone and hop from one news fe to the next Live blog on the Corona pandemic.

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