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Unfortunately for most of the self employ people I know this no longer works so easily. Because in recent years it s become increasingly difficult to get clicks to the site — unless we pay for it and run ads. Therefore I would first advise you not only to speculate that you absolutely ne social mia as a traffic source but to really convince yourself of it. Use an analysis tool Look in your analysis tool e.g. Google Analytics and check whether you really get traffic from social mia and if so how much and from which channels exactly.

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I also thought for a long time that I ne social mia to get my blog articles read. But when I look it up in Google Analytics I realiz that that wasn t true at all. Instagram and Co actually account for only a meager two percent of my traffic. Since I us around two hours a day for social mia at some point the effort and the result Colombia Phone Number List were simply out of proportion for me… But now to your question. In my experience there are three ways to get blog readers without social mia. 1 Do SEO Search Engine Optimization Optimize your blog articles for keywords that are actually search for and make sure before writing.

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That people are actually searching for this term search volume that your blog article idea fits people’s search intent that the content of your blog article covers all important aspects of the topic aka that you write the most informative DV Leads article on the topic that is possible To do this you ne an SEO tool like Ubersuggest. Notebook pen and flower lie next to an open laptop Start yours now 100 Days of SEO LEARN MORE 2 Write an article that you would share yourself Write good blog articles that people who read them can t help but share. And by that I don t necessarily just mean on social mia but also in emails.

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