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More than two-thirds of high-performing teams report collaborating with marketing and e-commerce , and a whopping 82% collaborate with sales. The underperforming teams, on the other hand, report much more often that the departments within their organization are not sufficiently align. Industry experts note that consumers are increasingly dissatisfi with companies that cannot offer a positive customer experience. By opting for a central approach, having all departments work with the same CRM system and improving workflows, your company is assur of a loyal customer base. Collaborating with the IT team and deploying service agent management tools are key to delivering these cohesive, digitally-driven experiences. 88% of decision makers consider.

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The IT department as a strategic partner and only 6% say they do not involve this department in their decisions. Together with Salesforce, you can provide your team with the latest and most complete service platform and solution. BY SALESFORCE NETHERLANDS Three ways to make a positive impact with your business IN EVENTS , TRAILBLAZER STORY , THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Three ways to make a positive impact with your Vietnam Phone Number List business Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! Everyone can contribute to a better world and a fairer society – and now is the time to act. At Salesforce Live: Benelux, three Trailblazers talk about how companies and their employees can become a force for change.

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From fostering diversity to facilitating sustainability, we reveal why balancing vision and profit is more important than ever, not only for the DV Leads future of our planet, but for the success of your organization. 1. Invest in future talent The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important digital skills are, both at home and at work. “Everything in society has a digital aspect, and being able to deal with it is a basic skill for everyone,” says Martine Tempels, Executive Vice President at the Belgian telecom company Telenet and member of the board of directors of STEM.

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