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Our tip for adapting your website for the visually impair It’s always better to have an outside perspective (no pun intend) to analyze the accessibility of your website. If you want your content to be inclusive, you can hire a professional web designer to adapt your website to the visually impair.Alt tag: improve the SEO of your images 7 months ago1,951 views9 minutes Alt tag: use it well to improve the SEO of your images On Codeur, quickly find a freelancer to carry out your SEO project. See available SEO consultants You have most certainly heard of alternative texts also call alt tag or alt text. The “alt tag” is actually an “attribute” of the image tag and not a tag in its own right.

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But by misuse of language, the term “alt tag” has impos itself. They are of considerable importance for natural referencing (SEO). Alt text can do more for your image’s SEO than you think and leaving an alt attribute empty can negatively Croatia Business Email List affect your search engine rankings. Adding alt text to images is a common practice among SEO professionals to optimize your site’s positioning on the web. What does alt text represent? An alternative text is a term that is also found under the diminutive alt text. It describes the content of an image as well as its context.

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Alt texts are visible to Internet users when the image cannot be display. This is also the case for search engines. This is what allows them to define the subject of the image since they do not have the software to see the images. It also allows to oralize the description of this one for the blind people. The importance of the alt attribute DV Leads Alt text is an integral part of a web page and requires thought and time to strategize about its content. For various reasons, it may happen that the titles of the images or the images cannot be display on the screen. It is the alternative text that will then transmit the information to the search engines.

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