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If for us the image is often speaking, it is not for the search engines which do not visualize it in the same way as us. They don’t have the software for that. That’s why they use the alt text to know what the image stands for. It is therefore important that it represents what is visible on them. In the same way, search engines to rank websites take into account the consistency between images and content. If they can’t see the image, they have to find the information elsewhere. It is then the alternative text that will give them the information they ne to position the site.

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Alt tag use it well to improve the SEO of your images If technology and especially artificial intelligence has advanc search engines in this area and allows them to decipher images, alternative text remains the simplest and allows faster Latvia Business Email List processing of information. Because good alt text provides semantic content to an image, it is us by search engines to return search results. In other words, good alt text gives search engines more – and better – information to rank your website for, leading to higher rankings. The more thoughtful and helpful you describe your content to users, the easier it is for search engine crawlers to understand it as well.

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Tahoma Use Descriptive

But alternative text is also important for the adaptation of the Internet for people with disabilities. Thanks to this attribute, the blind will be describ orally the image they cannot see. Important: Alt text or alternative text is also a feature DV Leads of social networks. It provides the ability to describe an image with text in a way that helps visually impair people understand the content. The text is then read aloud +250,000 freelancers available on Codeur Receive free quotes Fast, free and without obligation Difference between alt tag and image caption This is a mistake that is often made.

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