What is SERP? This is How to Maximize Your Site in Search Engines!

You can see from where your website is accessed by users, whether they come from your country or even abroad.

The data in Google Analytics is able to display this. This can make it easier for you to understand customers and be able to create content that is closer to customers.

 User Experience through Mobile Access

SEO considers a website that provides a user experience in accessing the website via a smartphone.

You can see data such as what device the user is using, such as using a tablet, cellphone or laptop.

Or it could also show the OS used by the Cabo Verde Email List user’s device to access the website.

Good data will show that the user experience either via desktop or mobile has the same amount or goes hand in hand.

If the numbers differ greatly, then something needs to be changed from the desktop or mobile view.

Conversion Tracking

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Of course, a website that is used for business wants sales. And the last function of Google Analytics is conversion tracking.

With GA you can find out data such as the number of people making purchases or the desired action.

You can use this data to optimize content on landing pages, for example changing copywriting or page appearance

Google Analytics is a powerful tool DV Leads that you can use to analyze and. Measure the performance of a website. After getting the data, you can determine what things need to be maximized for your website.

These data will be very useful in formulating marketing strategies in the future, as well as to find out whether the strategies that have been, are being implemented, or will be implemented will be effective or not.

After you understand what Google Analytics is, its functions, and the terms in it, you should also understand what the basic concepts of digital marketing are as a whole . Therefore, this online course is the right solution for you!

This online course will discuss fundamental things that must be known, up to the initial strategy to immediately start developing a digital marketing strategy.

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