Missing Out and Means Fear of Missing Something

Trust yourself unconditionally. You know best which numbers are realistic for you. Staying true to yourself beats expert advice. Always. And by far. Long story short If you ne rough guidelines a rule of thumb structure for your blog and newsletter marketing feel free to use them as a guide and publish your blog article and newsletter weekly. If not then ignore these numbers You can.

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What do I do all day at work when I m not spending it posting liking commenting going live making stories and dancing in reels Very simple I sit at home alone and cry because I have no customers and no human contacts. And when I ve run out of tears to cry I ask myself Why oh why in your onset of mental derangement you delet Macedonia Phone Number List Insta and Facebook you retarder fun. In this blog article I have written down what my everyday work looks like as a self employ person without social mia . 6 o clock The alarm clock is ringing. Or rather the birds are chirping. Since we bann our smartphones from sleeping in the broom we now wake up with a daylight alarm clock to the sound of birds singing.

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Be Anything a Social Interaction an Encounter

The man gets up to make coffee and wake up the kids and I… don t. I send a prayer of thanks to heaven that I already have such DV Leads big children and snuggle up to the dog for another lap which immiately takes the empty seat. 6 20 a.m Coffee. And a lot of it. Lorelai Gilmore says Coffee in a vat While the rest of the household gets ready for school my brain is just booting up. sip by sip. 6 55 a.m The dog wants to get out. And me too. There is nothing better for me than starting the day with a morning walk.

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