Much of the Time Spent Trying

The future is closely interconnect to the present: if you want to make accurate prictions on the performance of your company it is essential to study the precise current situation. Effective analytical knowlge is a critical factor in today’s marketing world which is why we hear more and more often about analytics tools. Thanks to these platforms collecting information has become much easier and faster. Of course an intelligent view of the numbers and what they represent is still necessary but the variety and depth of available data is dramatically changing the way we do B2B marketing .

 In this article we will present

Some functions of the HubSpot Analytics platform dividing them into the following themes: Analysis of traffic sources. Analysis of the B2b Email List conversion process. User behavior on the site. Social network analysis. How HubSpot analytics chang the game in inbound marketing Not only by enhancing efficiency in the provision of services but also by increasing their transparency. Each action is precisely measurable and supports the development of strategies that increasingly adapt to the specific nes of B2B companies which in turn can objectively verify the results of the campaign in relation to the pre-establish business development objectives.

To learn in detail

The pros and cons of the Hubspot platform and all the advantages that inbound marketing can give to your business download our free eBook! But let’s start immiately with the jewel in DV Leads the crown of the HubSpot analytics platform: source analysis. By combining all elements into a single graph the report allows you to quickly keep an eye on the sources of your traffic through an intuitive visualization. In addition to the traffic volume deriv from each source.

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