Planning the Social Strategy

HubSpot provides valuable statistics in terms of conversion rates and number of leads generat from each source. sources Where is the traffic coming from? Which digital strategy is bringing the most benefits? Which one should be strengthen instead? To answer these questions fundamental in every B2B digital campaign a glance is enough: each different color represents a different source of traffic and each column a month. The graph is subsequently divid into a table in which the numerical value of visits is associat with each source.

These Are in Turn Divid

Into the number of contacts first and then the number of customers. At the bottom of the table you can see the general values ​​of all sources. sources 2 As B2b Leads nice as it is to see traffic to your site increase it is not the only indispensable metric: the increase in traffic volume in fact is meaningless without a lead generation plan . All the optimization promotion and content development work has the aim of generating conversions.

The Numbers Collect in

Themselves cannot tell us much which is why it is essential to insert them into a context (such as the type of market in which the company operates or the market standards) and then compare them with the results of the campaigns precents and behaviors of the buyer persona . New Call-to-action Returning to the Hubspot Analytics tool dicat to source analysis here are some considerations and possible actions after studying the data: THE SITE HAS HIGH TRAFFIC BUT A LOW CONVERSION RATE: in DV Leads this case it is necessary  to increase offers and calls to action. It is the same analysis of sources that tells us exactly where to focus our marketing efforts.

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