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She us to work in the operating room, but when she mov to a new country, she ran into a language barrier. She was therefore looking for a challenge that would make her enthusiastic every day in a growing sector. Dirk-Jan Ansing is a real generalist who has had several jobs relat to business processes and information management, but always on the business side and not from an IT perspective. They were both looking for a new challenge and decid to retrain in the IT sector. A wise choice, because the demand for IT projects and specialists continues to grow strongly . But choosing the right IT course turn out to be difficult.

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Which route do you choose? When Monique and Dirk-Jan start looking for the IT training, they ran into the following problem: which training program really suits me? Due to the large selection, it was difficult to find the right one. “These training programs are often very expensive or they don’t give you enough knowlge and opportunities Taiwan Phone Number List to start in the sector,” says Dirk-Jan. Monique agrees with Dirk-Jan. “I found many programs impersonal. I felt more like a number than a student.” In addition to an interesting training curriculum, they were also looking for a support network for their studies. In the end, they opt for Trailhead ‘s self-study plan and getting Salesforce certificates.

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Trailhead is a free learning platform from Salesforce that helps you learn new skills using badges and gamification. In doing so, follow learning paths call Trails. Once you have gain sufficient knowlge, you can choose to take an exam DV Leads for a relatively small amount that will allow you to obtain a Salesforce certificate. In many cases, such a certificate is enough to get your first Salesforce job. Salesforce is the number 1 CRM software worldwide and a fast-growing company that offers many job opportunities. Lots of support from the Salesforce community In addition to the flexibility and the strong training program, there was something else that convinc Monique and Dirk-Jan: the support of the Dutch Trailblazer Community.

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