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This is an ever-growing group of friendly and open Salesforce professionals. These experienc and less experienc professionals help each other and are also call Trailblazers. “In the community I am seen as a person, equal to everyone else, even though some have been with the community for years,” says Monique. “The community is actually a kind of family”. In addition to the (virtual) user group meetings, the members of the community are also connect through various chat groups and events. There is always someone to help you with your assignment or training. Dirk-Jan I was once stuck in a certain bug. I post this on our Slack channel and within minutes an experienc Trailblazer from the other side of the world help me find the solution for hours.

They Had to Act Immediately

It’s nice that someone takes the time for that during a busy working day!” Collect badges and get certificates In addition to earning badges and gaining new skills, you can get crit within the Adminstrator, Developer, Architect Tunisia Phone Number List or Consultant specializations. Obtaining the first certificate as a Salesforce Administrator did not go without a hitch for Monique. “Unfortunately I didn’t pass my first exam. I was pretty devastat, but here the community help me persevere. A Trailblazer call and ask how I was. Then I could go on again!” This positivity ensur that she pass the exam the second time. “I celebrat with the whole community.

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Vizio Needed a Solution to Keep

Monique now works full-time as a Certifi Salesforce Administrator and wants to get new certificates to open more doors. “No day is boring with Salesforce, but rather a challenge that offers the potential to grow you personally and professionally. ” Dirk-Jan obtain two certificates in the past year: Salesforce Administrator and Platform DV Leads App Builder . He uses the knowlge of these modules every day in his job as a Salesforce Administrator at a recruitment agency. He is now focusing on a Developer certificate, something that will make him even more versatile in the future. “The certificates we obtain open the doors to our current jobs.

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