8 Benefits of SEO on Websites in General

Based on research, about 53% of website traffic comes from organic search and according. To digital marketing opinions 60% of sales prospects come from SEO.

Why can bring in customers? Because customers who are looking for information on search. Engines want to see solutions from keywords that are typed or to meet the needs of either products or services.

By getting a good ranking on the Google search results page, the chance to get clicks will double.

By getting the number of visitors coming from certain keywords will attract the right customers.

Building Customer Trust


The next benefit of SEO is that if you get the number one search result on Google, it will help build a sense of trust from customers.

However, this is not easy because to get rank one you also need to get “recognition” or authority from Google.

And ways to get this authority, such as providing content that is relevant to targeted keywords, paying attention to website speed and others.

In SEO user experience is very important, because it can bring visitors back to visit your website.

And that’s one of the reasons building authority is so important to boosting your online business or making your personal website popular.

Quantity of Organic Visitors

What is meant by the quantity of organic visitors is the Bahrain Email List number of users who view and visit your site through organic search results.

Users are likely to click on search results that appear at the top of the search engine results page.

Therefore it is important to implement an SEO strategy on your website content to rank the website pages as high as possible.

The more people who visit your business also have the opportunity to grow and make more sales.

Why is SEO Important in Marketing Activities?

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Every year a lot of searches are carried out by netizens both to find information, look for products or services. This makes SEO one of the factors that can help digital marketing.

Search results are also a source of website visitors DV Leads and other social media pages. If your business website wins the search ranking competition, this will indirectly impact your profits.

Search results have evolved in recent years, with users tending to spend more time on websites that provide direct answers and complete information.

In short, by studying search result optimization, you will understand what your website visitors want.

Then, you can use this to maximize paid or organic campaigns on websites, social media and others.

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