The positioning of an online store

The positioning determines whether your website will be displayed in the search engine (you can check the indexation status of subpages in Google Search Console). Crawl budget is very important. And what factors influence its amount? Regular website optimization Robots are most likely (and most likely) to visit websites where activities are regularly carried out. So make sure to publish new content frequently, as well as update old texts. External and internal links The crawl budget is also influenced by links – both external and internal links. What will happen if robots, while scanning an external portal, come across a do follow link leading to your website.

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A similar situation occurs in the case of internal links. While scanning one subpage, the robot may find a link to another subpage and visit it. Using internal links, you can Photo Retouching show robots the subpages that are most important to you. Are any of the pages on your website rarely visited? Place links to the mentioned subpage on subpages that are often indexed. Website availability Interruptions in website operation have a negative impact on the crawl budget, as well as on website visibility and conversion. If robots encounter a broken website several times, the crawl budget will decrease.

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Moreover, frequent crashes can lead to your website being de-indexed. Also remember that a broken website also means a loss of customers and conversions. It is therefore important that you regularly check whether the website is working properly and DV Leads whether there are any errors. Site performance Robots avoid inefficient websites. They don’t want to be an additional burden on a website that’s already performing poorly. So make sure that the website works efficiently – choose a high-quality server , compress graphics, remove unnecessary plug-ins.

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