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We have already written about this topic many times, paying particular attention to the critical areas of the changes introduc. So let’s see what the regulations What should you say about the payment of health insurance contributions if we have shares in caal companies. Health insurance premium and shares in caal companies When running several types of non-agricultural activities, you must first determine what source of income they qualify for, because this will determine the health insurance premium you will have to pay. Starting from , knowlge on this subject is essential because the health insurance premium is a large additional financial burden. Below we present the general rules for settling health.

Insurance contributions depending

On the form of business activity for the purposes of the topic discuss: Non-agricultural economic activity Other types of activities, including shares in commercial companies: Possible forms of taxation of revenues income: tax scale, flat tax, flat-rate income tax, tax card on philippines photo editor a grandfather basis before sole proprietorship limit liability company, a general partnership that is a taxpayer of corporate income tax, limit partnership, a simple joint-stock company by a shareholder making a contribution to the company for the provision of work or services, limit joint-stock partnership by the general partner The health insurance contribution is paid according to the rules applicable to each of these forms of taxation.

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The health insurance premium is settl in in the link publication The health contribution is calculat from the assessment base of of the average monthly salary in the fourth DV Leads quarter of the previous year, separately from each type of business activity. The list does not include, among others: multi-member limit liability company or joint-stock company, which means that shareholders are not oblig to pay health insurance contributions, unless one of them receives remuneration for providing services to the company.

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